BestOat: The best thing for skin – from the best that oats have to offer

With BestOat, PolyNeo is presenting an oat product line that boasts high protein content and a wide range of properties that nurture the skin. The positive features of these natural products are effective in both cosmetic and medical applications.

The fact that oats are more than just an animal feed grain or an ingredient in muesli or baked goods is not something that only became known recently due to the increasing demand for oat milk as a vegan substitute for cow’s milk. For example, oat flakes have long been used as an ingredient in face masks for DIY cosmetics, and ambitious hobby “cosmetics chefs” use oat bran to “cook up” simple and natural peels. Still, Avena sativa – the scientific designation for the common oat – can do a lot more in professional applications as an ingredient in skin care and cosmetic products.

Proponents of natural medicine recommend that oats be used, for example, for the gentle treatment of various skin ailments such as pityriasis rosea rashes and lichen planus inflammation. The key therapeutic aspect here is the soothing, anti-itching and anti-inflammatory effect of oats. This in turn is mainly due to secondary plant substances in oats, such as avenanthramides, which are also said to have an antioxidant effect. In addition, oats contain a high concentration of zinc, and with a protein content of between 11% and 20%, oats are a perfect source of protein for numerous skin care and hair care applications.

Oats also improve the lubrication and emollient properties of anti-ageing products, optimise emulsion stability, increase apparent viscosity and leave behind a supple feeling after application. Because of the protective effect they have on the filaggrin protein produced by the body, skin care products that contain oats are suitable as an accompanying treatment for atopic dermatitis, whose symptoms such products also alleviate.

The products that PolyNeo offers in its BestOat series can be used in a variety of ways. Their positive properties have proved themselves in hair care, body care and bath products, as well as in lotions, creams and sunscreens, baby products, anti-itching rash creams and ointments, soothing shaving care products, make-up products and antiperspirants. PolyNeo ensures this great variety for BestOat with a large selection of different products with optimal properties for the type of use in each case. These products include the hydrolysed BestOat Protein, BestOat Extrakt and BestOat Beta Glucan, as well as oat-based active ingredients such as colloidal BestOat flour of differing quality and Avena sativa BestOat kernel extract.

“Consumers are displaying an increasing interest in cosmetic and care products with natural ingredients”, says Dr Serk Naymann, Senior Business Development Manager at PolyNeo GmbH. “The more familiar the raw material source is to the consumer, the more they will trust it to have a positive effect. With our BestOat products, we are offering manufacturers a foundation for producing varied formulas with ingredients that have a tried and tested positive effect.”

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