PolyNeo presents new ingredients – Capsilence® and Calmapsin® provide relief from the itch-scratch cycle

Itching can be considered a rather widespread disease when viewed in terms of the number of people affected by it. PolyNeo now offers two new ingredients in the neurocosmetics segment that make it possible for manufacturers to develop innovative products that can alleviate the discomfort of people who suffer from chronic itching.
Temporary itching due to acute skin irritation caused, for example, by insect bites and stings or a natural healing process can be annoying, but it’s generally not a cause for concern. The situation is different, however, when a person experiences repeated itching over an extended period of time – perhaps as a result of an allergy or a chronic illness such as neurodermatitis. Itching can be caused by many different things, and a qualified physician always needs to assess the situation if itching continues over a long period of time. However, itching itself tends to always function in the same manner, regardless of what has caused it. Modern science has come to the conclusion that feelings of itching are transmitted by free nerve endings that are activated by tissue hormones such as histamine and serotonin, or by the mediator tryptase, which is secreted by mast cells. Physicians and other medical specialists seek to identify and treat the causes of itching – and they also utilise various medications and approaches in order to treat itching as a symptom. Experts in the field of neurocosmetics use natural substances to influence skin cells and alleviate itching.
Irritation causes itching – and itching causes irritation
It’s often the case that people who are affected by chronic illnesses that cause itching (e.g. neurodermatitis) also experience additional discomfort as a result of the so-called itch-scratch cycle: first, the underlying irritation of the skin causes extremely annoying itching. If someone experiencing such itching gives in to their initial impulse and begins scratching, they will lay the foundation for a long-term vicious cycle that can often have serious consequences. What happens here is that scratching does in fact temporarily relieve the itching – but scratching also additionally irritates the skin. The skin can then become inflamed, which in turn makes the itching more intense.
Capsilence® and Calmapsin® – two innovative ingredients that relieve itching
Itching occurs when mast cells degrade as a result of an immune system reaction. This process, which is known as degranulation, releases pruritogens, which are ultimately responsible for the itching sensation. Neurocosmetic approaches make use of active ingredients that reduce degranulation and thus prevent the release of the substances that cause itching. 
Capsilence® and Calmapsin® reduce the activity of sensory neurons and in this manner block the transmission of the stimulus from the neuron to the brain, and thus the perception of an itching sensation. As a result, these ingredients disrupt the itch-scratch cycle described above, and in this manner also reduce and eliminate skin irritation and inflammation and support the regeneration of damaged skin barriers.
Both products make use of the well-known properties of capsaicin, which is a natural alkaloid that is found in various types of pepper and is responsible for the red-hot taste of chilli peppers. The Spanish biotech company AntalGenics has succeeded in exploiting the positive effect capsaicin has in terms of preventing itching. What’s more, the company has also been able to eliminate both the skin irritation that is perceived as a burning sensation and the risk of skin cancer caused by the accumulation of capsaicin in the skin that was identified in animal experiments.
With Capsilence®, PolyNeo is offering an ingredient for use in scalp-care cosmetic products especially, whereby studies have shown that this ingredient relieves itching, and improves skin appearance, just a few weeks after its first application – and even after regular use is discontinued.
With Calmapsin®, PolyNeo, as the exclusive partner of AntalGenics, is offering a second ingredient which, in the form of a powder, makes possible a whole range of applications in products for sensitive skin, in foot care products and in general in soothing and protective cosmetic and skin care products.

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